Scandic: Minecraft Survival Server

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About Scandic

Scandic launched in 2011, the wild west of Minecraft servers. Originally it was a protest against the then-rampant prevalence of abusive server staff, an attempt to build an oasis in hell, but it has since grown into a respectable brand that stands for much more.

Our players like to call home a server that never falls offline. They like to build long-standing structures in a world that never goes away. They enjoy a degree of self-expression seldom matched in the Mineverse, and they rest easy at night with trust in their server's time-tested technology.

On behalf of all our players, we cordially invite you to join our Minecraft family. Join today at, or keep reading to learn what makes us special.

Server Philosophy

Server Highlights

Technical Details

Server IP: (default ports: 25565 Java and 19132 Bedrock)
Plugins: EssentialsX, GriefPrevention, ParadiseLand, Shop, UltimateCatcher, TreeGravity, GSit, CraftableBundle, GeyserMC, sleep-most, ezAuctions, MobHunting, PvPManager, FreedomChat, View Distance Tweaks, et al
Location: U.S. West Coast datacenter (no, not Scandinavia!)
Running since: April 29, 2011 (original server debut)
October 1, 2019 (current world debut, the sixth and FINAL world reset)

Unique visitors since relaunch: 292244
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