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Donate to Scandic

We're here to make history, not money, but servers don't grow on trees. We offer the following non-P2W rank packages for our kind sponsors. All of these ranks are guaranteed for life!

We can accept donations through PayPal only for the time being, but more payment methods are coming soon. Ranks are granted automatically in-game upon confirmation of transaction.

[VIP] Rank [VIP+] Rank [MVP] Rank
Extra /sethome warps: +1 +3 +7
/nick command: Basic +Color codes +Format codes
Access full server? YES YES YES
Color codes on signs YES YES YES
Get Donor Rank: Donate $10.00 Donate $25.00 Donate $50.00
or Upgrade Rank: Donate +$15.00 Donate +$25.00 (from VIP+)
Donate +$40.00 (from VIP)

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